The Nuclear Option: Coating a Power Plant

CoatingsPro Magazine
November, 2014

Nuclear power plants operate under some of the strictest quality control and maintenance schedules. All major maintenance is carried out during brief outages. During one such outage, the emergency water storage tank, the torus, located beneath the nuclear reactor needed to be drained and coated to prevent corrosion in the metal structure. The torus was only accessible through two 54-inch man holes. Due to the confined area of work, heated plural spray with a 400 foot hose was used to spray 100% solids, nonhazardous Bio-Dur 560 over 32,000 sq.ft. of steel.

A New Face on an Old Problem

March, 2006

The Snowdonian Stwlan buttress dam near Blaenau Ffestiniog is a pumped storage hydroelectric power station. Constructed in 1963, the concrete dam utilized a unique double wedge joint between each buttress. These joints were never sealed properly creating seasonal freeze/thaw damage that ultimately lead to worsening spall damage of the structure itself. In 2000, manufacturers were invited to test their products in an extended two year trial. After multiple evaluations, Thinfilm Technology was selected to apply 100% solids coating that would eventually cover 2,050 sq.m. of concrete surface.