Safety striping for use on busy commercial floors. 2/1 mixing ratio, quick-curing and odor-free for ease of use with no annoyance to adjacent trades.


BIO-GARD™ 254 is a solvent-free, highly adhesive floor striping system designed for application over surfaces such as existing vinyl tiles and concrete. Thickness is typically 12 -20 mils which provides excellent wearability in a variety of colors.

BIO-GARD™ 254 is based on the same tough resin system as BIO- FLOR™ 182 and has given excellent results in the busiest materials handling facilities over several years per application. There is no perceptible odor during application and the film is cured for heavy service after 12 hours at 75°F with “dust-free” drying after about 4 hours.

BIO-GARD™ 254 has given excellent results on busy loading docks and has proved particularly effective when used with the BIO- FLOR™ 182 system for encapsulating old vinyl asbestos tile floors with a tougher seamless surface. Retro-reflective glass beads made be broadcast on its surface for increased visibility in low light.